This is a typical Quotation generated
           using the EQIC software.
Notice the colours down the left hand column that easily match up
which Materials go with which Labour items.
This makes it easy to identify optional prices
Allowing the Quotation to contain multiple optional factors
( in this case whether the customer wants a water filled radiator in his loft conversion ).

                Now look at the same Quotation
with Group Names showing and comments added.

Here is a look at part of the materials sheet
that sits in the background.

It's the section that deals with the specifying of the materials
and the groups that there are to be put into and the required quantities
of the each material.
Further to the right of the sheet are the financial aspects with the mark-up rates
and 'Date Price Last Checked' columns.

Now a look at the Labour Analysis sheet
that sits in the background.

Notice the purple row that is a Task, all you need to do is type 'Task320' and then when you
invoke the macro it populates this sheet with the tasks and the materials sheet with the materials
needed to complete the task.

Once you have the Labour and Material Sheets populated as above
then you just click the macro to create the quotation.

Have a look at the Invoice Sheet for more information ...