MatherHomeWatch Group

Mather Home Watch - comprising Mather Ave, Greenhill Road, Booker Ave and Marion Grove.


We have created a list of house numbers ( see below ) to give you an idea of where you live in relation to the map.


There are 126 houses in our Home Watch group, this isn't counting the Church or the waste ground ( Nov 2013 ) opposite the Greenhill's pub.

   51 houses in Greenhill Road
   14 houses in Marion Grove
   49 houses in Mather Avenue
   12 houses in Booker Avenue

There a few houses that have chosen not to contribute to our scheme, but their exclusion would have been impossible to administer. Those households who haven't contributed are being 'carried' by their neighbours - If you haven't already contributed and would like to contribute at this stage then please contact one of the leaders.


Here are the committee members and their contact information :-

Greg McCormack,convener - 729 0095 <& WebMaster>
Peter Bate - 724 2473
Ronnie McLoughlin - 724 2385
Ken Jones - treasurer - 724 1595
Vivienne Leach - 724 1641


If we don't already have your email address - then you won't receive emails from us and you won't receive crimeline updates from the homewatch liaison officer within the police - Please drop Greg McCormack an email

Please be advised that your email address is safe with us. Only the email liaison person has knowledge of the email addresses of the members of the homewatch. When sending out a broadcast email we put the senders email address in the 'TO' field and all the other members in the 'BCC' field, in this way the recipients of the email are unaware of other email addresses of the group.

It would be helpful if the email addresses of as many people as possible are known within the HomeWatch area, this will allow us broadcast information very easily around the group, and speedily ( and cheaply ) forward crime information that we receive from the police. Please send us an email including your address and we will include you in future broadcasts.

The Police have launched a Twitter account

Follow the police on Twitter   @MerPolAllerton      ( It started in November 2013 )

Home Watch House Numbers

The boxes around the numbers are not to scale, and have only been drawn to show how the semi-detached houses relate to one another.

Local Concerns ...

- Dogs on the field - Letter from school ( June 2005 )

Our previous co-ordinator Peter Bate received  a letter from the school in June 2005

- Litter on the field
Over the summer ( 2013 )  I emailed the school offering our assistance in collecting the rubbish mainly left by the footballers - I was trying to encourage the school to charge the footballers an amount ( say 5 ) for every bag of rubbish that we collect. We could take photographs - before, after and 'here is the bag of rubbish'  -   I thought it would have been a good idea - but I didn't receive a response - so I must either presume that the email got lost OR that they were too busy to deal with the administration that would ensue.

- They have started building where the sheltered housing used to be opposite the Greenhills pub
( November 2013 ) - The ground work started on Tuesday 26th November 2013 - a JCB arrived to move the earth around- and a surveyor was there this morning ( Wednesday ).

  information compiled by :-

     Greg McCormack ( 184 Mather )
     For and on behalf of the MatherHomeWatch group comprising :-
     Mather Ave, Booker Ave, Greenhill Rd & Marion Grove

( Last Updated - Nov 2013 )