Documentation - Instructions ...

 EQIC User Guide 


 EQIC Benefits  - extracted from the User Guide


 EQIC Competitor Analysis  - hasn't been updated for a while


 EQIC Revision Control 
   - you can see the Rev Control document for this software


 EQIC User Questionnaire  - Please return your comments to us

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 Light Saving Calculator ( Sample ) 

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Screen Casts ...

with thanks to Winks Software

General Screen Casts

 Entering your Business Information 


 Typing in Customer Information 


Financial Screen Casts

 Typing in Material Information 
   - using Materials Database


 Typing in Labour & Material Information 
   - without using Materials Database


 Using the Task Retrieval Facility 1  - Rewire of House
   - using Task Database
   - Beginning section of the filename is used as the Reference number
   - Coloured blocks link the Materials and the Labour sections


 Using the Task Retrieval Facility 2  - Doorbell Example
   - using Task Database
   - Duplicating a row using Paste Special
   - Refreshing Task List
   - Changing the colour of a block and seeing the change on the Destination sheet
   - Copying the Quotation information over to the Invoice.


Electrical Screen Casts

 Typing in Electrical Certificate Information 


 Typing in Schedule Of Test Results 
   - showing errors and how to remove Conditional formatting


 Duplicating Minor Works sheets 
   - showing Ze values transfer across all electrical sheets regardless of the number of sheets


Little Routines - Supplementary Screen Casts

 Inserting Rows using Paste Special 


 Using the macro that converts   '~'  to  'Ω' ( Ohmns )  
   - from any sheet where the macro button appears


 Changing to a VAT registered business 


 How to send Quotation by email  - It is easy when you follow the guidelines
   - Use Open Office's PDF Generator
   - Click on the email address stored within the PDF file.


 Showing the operation of the Labour Iterator  - Easier to see in action

   - Tweaking of the Invoices Labour Rates to ensure that the contract is fixed price
   - This is head spinning stuff - be warned.

 Using the Labour Analysis to show the overall profitably of the contract

   - Shows the contribution that Sub Contractors make to the contract
   - This is head spinning stuff - be warned.


 Burn Hours - Percentage Done on the Labour Sheet 


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with thanks to Winks for the Screen Cast software

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